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Here you will find FAQs that have been asked by our customers
In case you do not find the answer to your inquiries do not hesitate to communicate with us through one of the channels of communication in the section Contact Us

1 - What are the services provided by Saleh Group for Cars to its customers?

Saleh Automotive Group offers a distinguished package of after sales services, namely:

Extended warranty package of 5 years and an open kilometer

Extended warranty package of 5 years or half a million (500,000) km

Roadside assistance service throughout the warranty period

Free heat insulator coupon with a 10-year warranty

15% discount on golden bag services in cooperation with Petromin

Free maintenance on selected cars

25% discount for Our customers at Abdul Latif Jameel on accessories, batteries and tires

30% discount for Our customers at Al Jabr for Kia cars on consumable spare parts

20% discount for Our customers at Al Eisay for Mitsubishi cars on consumable spare parts

25% discount for Our customers at Al Jazeera agencies for Ford cars, on spare parts and handling fees

25% discount for Our customers at Toyota Al-Bazai (Toyota) in the Central Region for spare parts

25% discount for Our customers at Quick Lane Service on regular maintenance and oil change

25% discount for Our customers at Almajdouie (Hyundai) on spare parts and 20% on hand fees

15% discount for Our customers at luxury agencies (Infinity) on spare parts and hand wages

25% discount for Our customers at Petromin (Nissan) on spare parts

20% discount for Our customers at Petromin (Nissan) on regular maintenance

Note: These packages are offered free of charge on selected cars, and a 50% discount for a limited time on other cars.

This package is also offered free of charge on selected cars for the employees of the following authorities:
2 - What is the extended warranty?

Extended warranty package of 5 years and an open kilometer

Extended warranty package of 5 years or half a million (500,000) km

It is a guarantee that begins after the end of the original dealer's warranty, and includes the following parts in the car, namely:

 ●  The engine is complete

 ●  Automatic and manual transmission (gearbox)

 ●  Gearbox

 ●  Shaft shaft

 ●  Differentials

 ●  Brake system

 ●  Guidance system

 ●  Cooling system

 ●  Fuel system

 ●  Electrical systems

 ●  Conditioner

 ●  Terms and conditions apply

3 - Is there a rough assessment of the breakdowns covered by the extended warranty?

 Based on a study of a medium car at a price of 90 thousand riyal in case of the breakdown of one of the important parts covered by the extended warranty, it found that

  • in case of engine failure, the approximate cost is 40 thousand SR,
  • in the case of Gear breakdown, the cost is 18 thousand SR,
  • in the case of the Rear differential breakdown, it is 13 thousand SR,
  • in case of the A/C Compressor breakdown, it is 9  thousand riyal,
  • and in case of the Intake Manifold breakdown, it costs 6 thousand riyals,
  • while for the Brake master cylinder breakdown,
  • it costs two thousand riyals,

and 3 thousand riyal for the Rack and pinion steering breakdown.

 In total 91 thousand riyals, meaning the cost may exceed the original price of the car.

4 - What is the roadside help service and how do I benefit from it?

It is a limitless and an all -time service provided to you through a network covering all areas of the Kingdom in the following cases:


        Mechanical breakdown.


        Replacing tires.

        Recharging the battery.

        Locking the key inside the car.

5 - Is there a rough assessment of 'Support on the Road' service?

We have provided this unlimited, all- time and free of charge service to our customers to avoid exploiting some of the breakdowns that they may experience, especially outside the city, that raises the prices of the car towing up to 1000 riyals per time.

6 - What are the services of the golden bag
  • oil change
  • Radiator filling
  • Brake oil check
  • Check the air filter
  • Check and fill the battery fluid
  • Fill the windshield cleaning fluid tank
  • Tire air pressure check
  • Checking and filling of the hydraulic power steering system fluid
  • Interior cabin cleaning
  • Transmission Fluid Check and Fill (Gearbox)
  • Checking and filling of the differential disk fluid (differential)
  • Chassis lubrication
  • Inspecting wiper blades
  • Check the headlights and taillights
  • Car window cleaning
7 - ? Is it possible to purchase the warranty and services package for any car, even if it is not from a valid group

.Yes, this package can be purchased at 50% of its value now for a limited time

8 - Do you have branches in Jeddah or in the Eastern Province(Sharqiyah)?

Yes, we have a branch in the southern region, Khamis Mushayt showrooms, and soon branches will be opened in: the eastern region - the western region

We also currently have a sales and delivery service for all cities in the Kingdom.

9 - Are there any vacancies available in your group?

You can send your resume to our email and we will contact you if there is a suitable vacancy for your qualifications.


11 - I bought a car on the lease purchase contract but I can't pay for some months. Can I postpone the installments or return the car?

All financing procedures are between the car driver and the financing provider. You can contact with the funding provider to get the help you need.

12 - I am a resident and want to buy a car on finance. Is that possible?

Yes, it is. Please visit one of our branches to serve you or contact us at 920022122.

13 - I am retired and am over 60 years old. Can I buy a car from you on finance?

We can serve you through financing agencies with a special calculation method. Please visit us at one of our branches to serve you.

14 - I would like to buy one of the cars you offer but the money I have is not enough for its total price. Can I pay the remaining part by Installment?

You can either pay the installments in two payments or offer different financing options. Please visit us to serve you or call us on the unified number 920022122 to serve you.

15 - What is it meant by "The price is by the tariff card"?

It means that the car is priced without any fees or taxes.

16 - I'm looking for a car but it is not available on your site, can you afford it for me?

Yes, we can afford any kind of cars you request by contacting us on the unified number 920022122 or by filling the purchase order form from here.