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Disclaiming liability; waiving claims

The portal of Saleh Group for cars and its services, information, materials and functions available on or accessible through the portal are provided for your personal use "as they are" and "as available" without any endorsement, promise or warranty of any kind. We can not guarantee or assume responsibility for any interruptions, errors or omissions that may arise from the use of this portal or its content or any associated site - whether with or without our knowledge. Any communications or information that the user may send through this portal shall not be of his property anymore and they lose their right of ensuring confidentiality. Any general or exclusive use contained in this portal does not guarantee or is not intended to guarantee the user any rights or privileges of any kind. In case that the Ministry waives any of its rights specified in these conditions in a specific place or event, this does not in any way imply automatic and permanent waiver of any of its rights in other places and events.



Virus protection

Information Technology team at Saleh Group for Cars makes a huge effort in examining and testing the content of the Group's electronic services at all stages of operation. We recommend you to always run an antivirus program on all materials downloaded from the Internet. We are not responsible for any loss, interruption or damage to your data or computer that may occur while connecting to this portal or when using any material or other content contained therein.


Access prohibition

Our IT team may at its sole discretion terminate, restrict or suspend your right to access or use the services provided without notice and for any reason including violation of terms and conditions of use or any other conduct that the administration may deem unlawful or harmful to others. In case of termination, you will not be authorized to enter.


 General Terms

All materials, information and services available on the portal are provided as they are and are not guaranteed to be accurate or reliable as price quotes and are not binding on the company in any way.  Arabic is the primary language of the portal and of all the materials published on it, and the aim of translating any of these materials is but to provide an added service. Therefore, the translation is not based on the interpretation of any dispute about any content in the portal. Your access to and use of Saleh Group for Cars website is subject to the following terms and conditions. Your access to the Site means your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, whether you are a registered user or not. By accessing, browsing and using the site, you have unconditionally accepted the terms and conditions of use contained herein.


You agree to access and use the website for lawful purposes only, and you are fully responsible for knowing and acting upon any of, or all laws, regulations, rules and regulations relating to your use of it. Once you access the Site, you agree to refrain from:

  1. Using the Site to commit an offense or to encourage others to engage in any conduct that may constitute a crime or involve civil liability.
  2. Entering or posting any illegal content that includes discrimination, defamation, abuse, slander, or an inappropriate material.
  3. Using the Website to impersonate other people or parties.
  4. Using the site to download any material containing viruses, Trojan horses, or any computer code, files or programs that may alter, destroy or impede the work of the site or any device or program belonging to any person accessing the site.
  5. Uploading, entering, transmitting or using any other material-transmission method of materials that you are not entitled to broadcast under any law or contractual relationship.
  6. Changing, damaging or deleting any content on the site.
  7. Disrupting the usual communication lines in any form.
  8. Allegation of association with, or representation of any company, association or entity without being authorized to claim such a relationship or representation.
  9. Posting or broadcasting any advertisement, promotional material or other forms of promotion.
  10. Publishing any material that is against or violates the intellectual property rights of others, or collects or stores personal information about others.



By entering personal information, you agree that any information provided to us through these sections is complete and accurate, and that you will not register or attempt to access the site using another person's name, and will not adopt a username that Saleh group for Cars may see as inappropriate.



Saleh Group for Cars reserves the right to monitor any content you enter, but is not obliged to do so, and although the Group can not monitor everything entered on the portal or on its electronic services, it reserves the right (without obligation) to remove or edit any material that violates these terms and conditions.